Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Scarves

Speaking of scarves here are a few new scarves that I made a few weeks ago that I thought would be fun for summer, but really you could wear them anytime of the year.
This first one is made from a grey cotton jersey fabric that has some small yellow flowers with gold overlay on some of them. I gathered it with some elastic thread to give it some bounce and movement. I like how casual it looks compared to the other scarves I make.
This scarf was supposed to be the same look as the grey scarf but ended up being a bit thinner than the grey one and so it looks a bit more wispy than I was going for. It is made from that shirred tee-shirt material that has some voids in it, making the cotton a bit lighter and it also is cut on the bias so it curls up a bit more than the other. I actually like how thin it is and is perfect on hot days when you want to just add something of interest around your neck, sort of like a soft necklace. That is great these days for babies to play with and not be able to break.
Finally there is this black beauty. This one is made from a shear fabric and is gathered along the width making small little ripples or bubbles down the scarf. I think this one is fun to wear long or wrapped around your neck. This one could take you from summer to winter.

These have been posted on my etsy site and are ready for purchase!

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