Friday, November 11, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #91

I am having a strange fascination with seersucker fabric. I keep seeing it at the fabric store and cannot stop myself from buying it. It reminds me of my father-in-law and I think baby bee would look so cute in a seersucker outfit.
The lady at the fabric store made a comment to baby bee "I bet all of these fabrics are for you," well those weren't but I think this will be. I am thinking it would be cute to make summer jumpers out of these for him. Simple ones that button at the shoulders and I can do one short pair and one long pair. I would like to get working on them now but I think I might wait a few months since I have no idea what size he is going to be in the spring/summer.
Don't these just remind you of those cute seersucker blazers? If I get adventurous I might try a pair of pants (elastic waist) and a jacket.  We are so traditional around here with our clothing that I think he is going to look so cute in these!! I can't wait.

Also I wanted to say thank you to all of the Veterans who make our country safe. Thank you!

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