Friday, November 25, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #93

I am taking it easy today so this post is going to be really short and probably not as exciting. BE WARNED. I am trying to figure out Friday...if I need to buy these two items for my business or not. I told myself I wouldn't do it yet but they are calling to me! AH Do you ever have that problem where you want to spend money but know you shouldn't but know if you did it would make everything you do easier?! The day is not over and I could still click the buy button...we will see.

Anyway this fabric I picked up when the local Ben Franklin by my house went out of business. I was making THIS Halloween costume for my cousin and used the ribbon and blue felt for that vest. These items were perfect and I think the vest turned out pretty good.
The black and yellow I was going to use to make a Halloween costume for baby bee. I even bought a little hat I will have to show you later. I decided to do something easy and use a sleeper/costume that I already had. I might make the bee costume next year when he can fit into the hat a bit better and we can take him house to house for candy.

I hope all of you aren't too full from yesterday's meal and that you are enjoying the day off, if not the weekend is almost here!

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