Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Pinterest Challenge

I am a week or so behind but I wanted to post this anyway because I had such a fun time making my item from Pinterest that I wanted to share it. Do you remember when I participated in the summer challenge that Young House Love put on? You can see that post here. Well here I am to show you my fall Pinterest challenge entry.
A good friend of mine was making some Merry Christmas Bunting and I have seen so many on Pinterest that when I found some pretty red burlap fabric at the store I thought I should make a bunting of my own for my Christmas decorations.
Pinned Image
Inspiration photo one was found on Pinterest (I did change it a bit to make it my own) and you can find the original link to the Christmas bunting Here. I liked the idea of stenciling or stamping the letters onto the burlap.
Pinned Image
I also saw this image on a friends board and this got me thinking to use this bunting that I made not only as a decoration in my house but also for our Christmas photo (which we are taking tomorrow). How sweet is this picture, it came from this photographer's website. I think we are going to have to break the words up like the first image to get it to fit into our picture. We will see. is what I came up with.
I am sorry that I did not take any process photo's for you this time. I was doing this late one night and did not really think about taking picture in my dark and MESSY family room. I can walk you though the process though and maybe that will help you. I bought the red burlap and thought of this project immediately. I thought it would be great to use black screen printing ink to put the letters on the burlap. I cut the shape of the flags out of vinyl with my silhouette machine and then stuck that on my burlap as a template. That made it VERY easy to cut the shapes out since the burlap moves a lot. Then I used the vinyl as a stencil for the letters and painted in the letters. It was very easy, the hardest part was making sure that I put enough black paint in it to show up and not getting that black paint on anything that I set it on while it was drying.

It is really simple but I like the that and I think this is going to be a great addition to my mirror in my living room at Christmastime.

Check out the other women who put this challenge on, Katie, Sherry, Ana, and Erin. Also go Here to check out other bloggers like me who took the challenge and actually did it in time!

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