Monday, November 14, 2011

Personalized Napkins

I have been wanting to explore the world of napkins for a while and I finally pushed myself to make some from fun fabric (you will see those in a few weeks) and personalize some plain white ones that were already made.

First let's start with these monogrammed napkins. I bought these white napkins with a slight pattern on them and thought they would be great for our table and put our monograms on them. I am really trying to use less paper napkins so these cloth napkins are going to be great for us to use at the table. We end up using the same napkin for several days since they don't get that dirty at one meal so it will be nice to know who's is whos.

Then I decided to make something a bit universal and saw ones like these on Etsy and thought these were cute. Something you could put on your table for guests or at every seat when having a dinner party. These were done on plain white cotton napkins with black screen printing ink.
These next napkins I also saw on Etsy and thought these would be great to have a set. Now really how fun would these be to have at a dinner party where you can tell your guests that they are sitting at seat number 1, 2, 3, etc.
Finally I thought one simple initial would be a nice touch. I did all of these in black but how fun would they be in the colors that coordinate with your house. You could do all of them the same, last name initial or all of them different, for each member of the family's first name. A red letter or number to go with a red dinning room?  Fun.

Well I had a lot of fun making these napkins and think custom ones would be great, have any ideas? What about ones with orange turkey's on them for Thanksgiving? That would be cute. Maybe I will have to make a set for my family.

I have these posted on Etsy so if you feel like you need to have some napkins like these come on over and get some for yourself.


Beth said...

Looks fun! How about "Mr" and "Mrs" or "Himself" and "Herself" with a little shamrock accent for Irish couples? Or "eat" in different languages. Always love stuff with fleur de lus, too!

Designer Jules said...

Those are all great ideas Beth!! I might have to use some of those. The Mr and Mrs would be great on hand towels. Those are coming up soon. Or the shamrock or fleur de lis embroidered on a hand towel. Cute!

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