Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Basement Design Plans

I wanted to show you the basement design plans. I have a feeling that a few of these images are going to be too small so try clicking on them to make them larger so you can read the labels. First off we have three pieces of materials that are the main focus of the basement. The antelope carpet (small square with white dots), the faux wood foam floor (small puzzle piece), the futon cover (stripe) and the carpet for the office area (large stripe carpet under everything).
These were the pieces that I had to work with when designing the space. I knew I wanted to use the antelope rug and you heard how the faux floor came about here, and the stripe rug I had a small piece of so I thought that would be perfect in the office area. The futon cover I saw at Bed Bath and Beyond one time while shopping and it was on sale and I just liked the way it looked (better than the old black cover) and thought the colors would go great with the two carpets that I already was using.

 So here is my design board of the basement, it is sort of a mish mash and I will do my best to walk you though it. Using the pieces that I already had (the carpet, floor and futon cover) I started working on the space. Let's start at the top left of the image and work our way around. The image of the shelves with the desk coming out of it gives you an idea of what is going to be back in my craft area. The shelves are going to be white with a white Ikea desk coming out from it and a white ikea 2 x 2 shelf on the end where they have those clear plastic shelves. I am going to put my sewing machine table to the right of where those clear plastic bins are to create a U shaped work area.

Next is the wall color, bright green! I pulled that color from the futon cover and since it is really only on one wall and two posts of the basement we thought a bold color would be great. I am excited about this color. Next you see again the futon cover and an image of what our futon (from the hubby) looks like now. I think the new cover will be a great improvement. Especially since it will be sitting on the antelope rug that you see a picture of just below the futon image. I love this rug and it will be on half of the basement floor.

The squares of carpet where discontinued from work and I had them put together to make a fun rug for baby bee. That rug is going to go under his small table and chairs which should be great to hide the marker and paint stains, or at least blend right in with the bright colors. There is another picture of the faux wood floor, I think it is going to look great.

The green stripe rug almost has a sisal textured look to it but it will be much easier to clean and it is in the same color palate as the wall color and futon cover.

Then there is the really awesome craft table that I bought one just like it on craigslist for a steal! I am so excited about it and can not wait to show you this particually when the basement is finished. It is counter height wich is going to be great as a cutting table and I will probably make an ironing surface and iron there while I cut. The sides will hold all of my fabrics in bins. 
This is a rough floorplan of the basement so you can get an idea of where everything is going. Not all of the furnature is labeled but you get the idea. I just can not wait to finish it so we can move things back in and show you how it turned out.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are going to be working hard on the basement!!

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