Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

One of the million blogs that I read is Young House Love. I have been following them for years and love watching them change their house one room at a time. I was reading their blog the other day and saw that they issued a Pinterest challenge. I just decided the day before I read this challenge that I wanted to tackle one of the things that I pinned last week. So because I was already going to do it, and how fun are challenges, I am going to participate.

The pinned item that I am going to make is a pressed penny charm bracelet found HERE originally. This is totally different than most of the things I make, jewelery is not my usual medium but how fun to try something new right?! When I saw this bracelet I knew I had to make one. I used to collect pressed pennies and have 11 of them and had no idea what I was going to do with them since they were just sitting around taking up space but didn't want to get rid of them. This is such a great I idea that maybe I will get even more when traveling to add to this bracelet. I went shopping and picked up a chain, jump rings, and a clasp.
Then I gathered the tools that I needed from my toolbox, an awl, hammer, and needle nose pliers. I ended up borrowing another pair of pliers from my hubby, that helped a lot when opening all of the rings.
I really love the way it turned out!! I am a huge fan of charm bracelets, I have loved them ever since I was a little girl. My grandmother had one and I always wanted to know what the charms were and where they came from. I have a traditional charm bracelet and I just love the sound of those charms hitting one another while you wear it, maybe because it reminds me of my grandmother. Good memories.
So I followed the instructions from the original blog and it was really a lot easier than I thought. I was thinking I would have to ask my husband's help poking the holes in the pennies but that was actually not as hard as I thought. I did not follow the step of sanding down the hole openings and if I find that they get caught on things I might go back and do that but as of right now I don't think that I will.
I skipped every other link in the bracelet and even have space at the ends for more! I stopped getting these when on vacation because I thought it was pointless to have them. Now I am trying to think of the next place I am going that I can get a pressed penny! I  really like how it turned out and can not wait for a chance to wear it out, hopefully baby bee will leave it alone and not pull the pennies off of the bracelet.
I hope to make a lot of other things that I have pinned on my wall. Some are going to have to wait a bit longer for me to try but I am so glad that I could actually use one of the ideas that I pinned.

If you would like you can follow me on Pinterst HERE. (I hope this link works to find me) If you want to see more people who took the Pinterest challenge be sure to visit Young House Love and Katie, Emily, and Lana as well as all of the others that posted their links to the challenge page . Thanks YHL for giving me a kick in the pants!


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Very cute! I've seen a bracelet like this on Pinterest. My kids have a bunch of these pressed penny's from WDW. Finally something to DO with them.. HA!

Nikki said...

I love getting pressed penny's bunt never have anything to do with them after the fact. Your bracelet turned out great!

Tracey said...

I love a charm bracelet! Such a cute idea! I wonder if we have any pressed pennies laying around...

Petra said...

very nice charm bracelet...I wonder if it would also work to simply link the pennies end to end? I have a collection that would be so much fun to turn into a long necklace. Thanks for the inspiration! (See? I didn't even need Pinterest-but it did lead me here ;-)

Designer Jules said...

Petra, what a great idea to put the pennies end to end! I love it! Maybe when I collect more I can make another one like that.

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