Monday, August 29, 2011

Monogram Shirt

A friend of mine was celebrating her 31st birthday recently and I wanted to give her a little something at her party...but what?! I feel like it is getting harder and harder to get gifts for people as we get older. The idea came to me....what about a tee-shirt with her initials on it?! Someone came into my work a few weeks ago with one on and I just thought it was so cute and really wanted to make one for myself. I thought this would be a really cute simple present for my friend.
I bought her a black fitted tee-shirt and asked her husband for her initials and then monogrammed them in the center top of the shirt in a small script font. I am finding black is hard to photograph in sun, it makes it look faded but I swear it is new-I did wash it to prevent shrinking issues.  
I like the way it turned out, so simple and cute with the hot pink letters on the black shirt. Something so small that people might not notice but at the same time a little personal touch if they do notice. I am totally loving the monogram trend and hope that it never dies. I have to stop myself from monogramming everything!
I might just have to try this on someone for baby bee, not sure what yet, maybe a shirt or maybe I should make a cute ribbon belt with his initials!

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