Monday, August 22, 2011

Bath Towel Additions

This is part of a gift that was given to a friend's new niece. She wanted me to embroider the baby girl's name on a towel she bought. She also had some wash cloths so I thought it would be cute to put the name on one of the wash cloths as well.
We went with a green color for the letters because of the green lettering in the embroidery that was already on the towel from the store. I put the name on the bottom corner of the towel so when the towel is open and baby is about to be wrapped up it is visible at the same time as the image at the top of the towel is visible. I mimicked that idea with the name on the washcloth, putting it on the bottom left corner of the cloth at an angle.

I used the same font on both of the towels, I just stitched them in different sizes. I really love the way it turned out and hope that this little girl loves her personalized towels, especially as she grows up living in the house with siblings. She can always call dibs because it has her name on it.

These would be great for a large family where everyone can have their white towel with their name on it so no one confuses towels, I hope to do that with my family one day. White would be easy to bleach to keep the towel looking white too.

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