Friday, August 5, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #77

I found this picture back in my file and realized that I never posted a NF post about it. We have been so hot and sunny here lately that I forgot what cloudy days are like. They make me want to take a nap and sleep for hours then get up and watch some movies while laying on the sofa. Too bad I can't do that today. I am thinking of doing some chores before heading off to work. TGIF

Here are the fabrics, they are two pieces of terrycloth. The one on the left is a light blue color which does not come through so clearly on my camera, maybe because it is being out shined by the bright orange. You might remember this orange terrycloth from the Bjorn cover I made for a friend here.
I honestly didn't know that they made orange terrycloth but thought my friend would like this color better than a lot of the other colors that they had. You would be surprised at the colors that they do have. Terrycloth is one of those fabrics that reminds me of towels but I have seen my mother-in-law successfully use them as tablecloths (with a cute runner on top) to help take care of the constant milk spills that would happen on their table while the kids were growing up and now that the grand kids come over to eat.

These might have a future in becoming burp cloths or I might even experiment with making a towel. We will see what the future holds for these not so soft but absorbent fabrics.

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