Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Silky Burp Cloths

It has been a while since I showed you these silky burp cloths, and these and these. I cut this fabric last winter and just did not have time to get to them until a few weeks ago. I really love the combo of the leopard with the brown flannel. Soft on one side and smooth on the other.
I also found this cute purple fabric with the white flowers and knew that this would make a great burp cloth for those who love a floral. It is a bit of a modern flower and purple is a big color these days so how great would this be for a new mom?! I paired this color with the white since that purple was a hard color to find in flannel.
Last but not least is this black and white floral pattern with white on the back. I love how this floral pattern is so abstract that sometimes it looks like a zebra print. For those who are not so daring with color I think even though this pattern is larger the colors are a bit more traditional. This fabric is not as shiny as the others and would draw a little less attention.
I think these are fun and different burp cloths and ones that mom will appreciate and so will baby. Something soft to rest their head against and for mom something cute to put on her shoulder. The flannel sort of grips your clothing and stays on your shoulder pretty well.

I have some fun projects in the wings and can not wait to get them finished to show you what I have going on.

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