Monday, October 25, 2010

Silky Burp Cloths Part 1

Over the weekend I was all pumped up to get things done around the house and to finish some sewing items. I have not only projects that need to be done for clients but some projects that I would like to make and put on this site or etsy to sell. So I worked on this set of burp cloth/ scarfs. This is another one of those silky fabrics that I picked up at the fabric store a while ago and I used the cream flannel fabric that I had to go with it.
This like the ones I made in the past can work as "purse scarfs" when you are in need of them and then you can untie it and use it for you baby. I made these a bit longer than the brown circle version ones that I made in the past because they might tie better to some purses/diaper bags.
I of course made a bunch of other ones that I will wait to show you, be on the look out for Parts II and III. :)
I am on a roll and got so much done over the weekend that it is energizing me to keep working at this pace. Some of the things I made might not debut on the site for a bit but it feels great to scratch things off my list.

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