Friday, October 1, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #35

Did anyone notice that I miss-counted my Friday Find posts and was missing #35?? Well I did and here it is....a little late and out of order but here non the less. That is what I get for writing posts ahead of time, saving them for later and not sending them out right away.

This week I have something really really fun and exciting to talk about....magnetic paper, tattoo paper, and printable heat transfer material. These are all products that are made for the silhouette machine that I have. I am really excited to try using all of them.
The magnet paper will be great for making my own fridge magnets, it would work for cars, and of course anything else that is magnetic. I have seen clean and dirty signs for the dishwasher, so cute! I am sure I will come up with other ideas when I start playing with the paper and looking around the house for things that are magnetic.
The tattoo paper can of course be used for fake tattoos, which are not my favorite but there are some other great things that you can use it for. I have seen people use it on candles and of all things including pumpkins! CUTE
There are two types of printable heat transfer paper, one for light colored shirts one for dark colored shirts. This paper can be used to make custom decals etc that can be ironed on to shirts. I am excited to use this for items that people are not looking to last for longer than a day or two because I am not sure how long the material stays on the shirt before peeling off. A great way to use it would be on a tote bag that are not going to be washed, with pictures of your kids or animals on the front.

I am sure I will start using these items as I get the baby room put together and I promise to share the projects with you as I finish them.


Cathy said...

That magnetic paper is pretty cool! I've never heard of that. And I think the tattoo paper would be great for Halloween. Like you said for pumpkins, but also as part of a costume. By the way, I haven't had the time to make an Ikea run. But I might be able to do it next weekend, either Friday or Monday.

Jen said...

I love magnets! That sounds really fun. Just make sure your dishwasher accepts magnets though. Ours does not :(

I want to make magnets to help me keep track of what has gotten done each day. I'll be calling you up!

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