Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Light Fixtures

I have been majorly nesting these past few weeks, organizing my closet every two weeks, starting non-baby related projects, and of course starting baby projects. You already saw my two ottoman re-do's here and here and now I am on to some new lighting for our house.

This all started when my hubby got a ceiling fan for our bedroom. I am not a huge fan of ceiling fans in design from the standpoint of form but from the function standpoint they are great. We were sick of tripping over the oscillating fan cord and were excited to replace the 1970's square fixture with something that will function as a fan and also give out some great light.
I am sorry that I do not have a before picture of the light fixture and this isn't a HUGE change but it works for what we need it to do now. (BTW those lumps in the bed are all of my pillows that I now have to use for sleeping!) Now I need to go find cute pull chains for the light and fan so it is easy to turn on and off and has a bit of interest. I would love to have a remote but this one did not come with one, maybe next time.After this went up I was thinking...I would really like to change the hallway light and the light in the third bedroom. I will tell you more about the third bedroom light when I get that fixed up and hung.

Here is a picture of the hallway light before the change, it was the original globe covered bulb from when we moved in and it is probably from the 70's as well. I wanted something a little softer and larger and was going to use a small chandler but that looked too big so I started searching Ikea. After finding only expensive things that I liked and wanted I ended up looking on Craigslist.
Here is what I ended up finding for a VERY good price. It is a drum shade with pleats that arch out to give it a bubble shape around the sides. We love how much light it puts out and the updated look. Ok granted it is a throw back to the 60's but it gives us a new look in our house.

The third lighting fixture needs a bit more work than these two did so that might have to wait until 2011 after baby comes and I get my paint out for a few things around the house.

I hope you are enjoying these little breaks from the crafts to see some mini design projects. :)

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