Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ottoman Recover Project Part I

In the madness that is nesting for baby Bee to join us in four months I have been gathering items for the nursery and of course looking at all of the flaws around the house that need to be fixed. I hope to post a lot of the changes on here as I go along, most have to do with crafting and sewing but then again some are just design changes and hey that's my real job so it works!

My first house project was to buy a swivel rocker and ottoman for the nursery that was a neutral color to go with the orange walls. I found two great deals on craigslist and they came home with me. The chair has a slipcover and there was extra fabric that came with it, enough to cover the ottoman that I got from another person on craigslist.
Here is the before of the ottoman, green and white check fabric with a few stains on the top. It was not bad and cute if I had a green or white room but did not look good with the chair.
I made a REALLY simple slipcover that just involved doing four seams down the sides and a hem at the bottom. I was not concerned with doing any details on it because who knows how long we will use it and I didn't need it to be that fancy, more functional.
Here is the finished ottoman with the chair that was already recovered. It is not yet in its home and you will see down the road why (mostly b/c the baby room is a wreck with sewing supplies). Down the road I would like to make arm covers for the chair. I don't love arm covers but there are a few small holes on the arms that I would like to prevent from getting worse and I am not ready to make a new slipcover for the chair yet.

Up next....Ottoman recover project part II.

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Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said... are so courageous in doing a slip in stripe. it looks great! i would lose my mind trying to match up the stripes. you did a fantastic job!

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