Monday, September 27, 2010

Set Of Onesies

This has been one of the most fun orders I have had in a while. I don't know if it is because one day my little one will wear one of these or because I think my cousin had a great idea and I was excited to execute it. She asked for seven onesies in different sizes and in some cases different patterns.
This set of onesies below is for twin girls she wanted a 3-6 mon and 12 mon onesie for each. The brown and pink polka-dot fabric is for the twins 3-6 mon onesies and the brown and pink argyle is for the girls 12mon onesies. This way they match as they grow but all four are not out of the same pattern.
For baby boy M she wanted a 3-6 and 12 mon in the same pattern and I just love how cute this looks with the tight dot patterned fabric. I can see the smaller one with some baby leggings and the larger one with a pair of pants. Great for pictures as they grow.
This special O is for my cousin's baby #3 that she just had. I like the way this font makes the O look like someone wrote O rather than a boring O that looks like it could be a zero.
I am on a roll with these onesies and wish I could make more of them ahead of time to be ready to buy in my shop but at the same time I love the way each person who orders one gets to add their personal touch to it.

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