Monday, September 20, 2010

Ottoman Recover Project Part II

Here we are on Monday with my second ottoman recover project. This time I recovered ottomans that I have been meaning to recover for 6 years! I am finally feeling motivated to get things finished and this was on the list. It is about time!
The fabric that I picked six years ago was a red on red check and of course now it is discontinued. Here is the before of these two ottoman that I purchased at a local auction house to go under this sofa table in the "front hall" part of our living room as extra seating. They are fine but not as exciting as they could or should be and do not go with the vision for the living room decor.

This is the fabric that I ended up going with and I think it is perfect! I was going through my fabric stash to get ready to make some pillows and I found a large piece of this and thought the colors and pattern would be perfect. It is a Schumacher fabric pattern Chinois Fret in Oxblood/Lacquer. I thought this was a discontinued fabric and after making my cuts I found out that it is still good! Good news if we ever need more of it.
Here we are in the middle of recovering them. I was going to make a slipcover with a skirt but did not have enough fabric so had to go ahead and recover them the best that I could with what I had. I had a lot of help from my husband because our staple gun is really not female friendly and he is manly and strong.
Here we are with one of the finished products, I love the way the fabric looks in the room, a splash of color but does not stand out as much as the beige fabric. I have a few more projects in this room and then you will get to see a full room shot with these included.


Gnatmo said...

I love it!! Great job. How did you cover the legs so that the selvage edges weren't exposed? Long ways and then folded under on the interior?

Designer Jules said...

Thanks! Yes I covered it the long ways, stapled it first to the leg, then folded it over to not show the edge after wrapping around the leg. I hot glued that folded over edge to the leg and then hand stitched the edge to allow it to lay down better. I hope that makes sense.

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