Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Small Print Notecards

My sister-in-law requested some note cards at my showcase a few months ago. I finally made and delivered them last week and I hope they go to happy homes. She just requested blues and greens, which gave me a lot of room to pay with the different colors and patterns that I have.
I started out with colored note cards and went to my wallpaper stash to find blues and greens that I thought she would like that would go with the colored note cards I had. I picked several different patterns in blue and I made one card out of each and then for the green I found this cute clover.
Here are the three blue cards together, I really like these cards maybe that is because I love blue. They are great because they can be used for anything since they are blank on the inside, they could be thank you cards or just a little note to say hi.
These two green ones really make me think of a good luck card since they have clovers on them. I was going to put Good Luck on the front but I realized that they are three leaf clovers which is not as lucky as four leaf clovers but you get the idea. Such a nice looking pattern with the clover and dot.

Hope to get my self motivated to do a few more projects tonight to have some stuff to show you next week. Come on energy!

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