Friday, October 15, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #39

I saw this fabric at the store while picking up something for a future project and it just called to me. I really like funky animal prints, but they have to be just right, a nice balance between traditional and fun but not trashy. You know what I mean? Sometimes you see animal prints and they just look trashy or cheep but this one is funky without be trashy but not traditional because of those blue dots.
It is a silky fabric and the print is brown and blue on white. The colors do not show up the best in the picture but trust me it is cute. I hope to make a few burp cloths with this and have them on my blog/etsy site soon.I am working on that at the same time as I am cleaning out my sewing stuff from the baby room. It is a great time to organize and get some much needed projects finished.

 I will let you know when I am finished, there will be a lot of fun stuff and some more fun before and after pictures.

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