Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reversible Roosters

My MIL has a special love for chickens and roosters and can not resist them when she sees them, so when I found this fabric in my stash I knew I had to make her something. I try not to give her too many rooster items so her house does not become overloaded with them but I thought these were cute.
This fabric would have made a really cute pillow but I did not have enough fabric for that so I settled on two sachets. She can put them in her dresser drawer, car, or even in her shoes (although she wears open toe shoes and doesn't need them). The fabric was reversible so I made one with the red as the background and one with the white as the background. I love the way they are facing each other. I have yet to give them to her and I hope the she loves them, chances are good she will.

So I guess I should make a few Halloween items since we are in October...any ideas? I do need to work on some pumpkins that I picked up a few weeks ago and fill the window baskets outside with smaller pumpkins. I need to get on that before Halloween arrives.

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