Monday, October 18, 2010

Aprons For Twins

I made these two aprons for the same client that ordered these leggings for her nieces. What a great aunt to be thinking of and outfitting her nieces with such fun items. She wanted to order the same apron that she had seen me make before with her nieces names embroidered on them.
I decided that even though I could just buy these at the store that I would go ahead and make them like I did with this apron. With the first apron I had to outsource the embroidery because I had no way of doing it myself. This time I was able to use my new sewing machine and do the names myself. This was my first time trying and I love how it turned out and seems like it will be great for projects. I hope that these two little girls get to enjoy their apron and even get them dirty while cooking with Mom.

I think this might be the last plain colored apron that I make, it takes too much time when I could just buy them. I would like to make children's aprons out of patterned fabric but have not had a need for that yet.

I know this is not the last time that I will be embroidering something. I am sure I will be putting my child's name on everything and driving my husband crazy. ;)

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