Monday, July 19, 2010

Cute Leggings for Cute Kiddos

I have finally delivered some orders I had from my last show for a few pairs of baby leggings. Two for twin girls and one for a new little boy.
These are for twin girls who I am sure would love to match but I did not have any matching pink in stock. I think they will look enough alike but still get to be different. I wonder if they will fight over who gets to wear the polka dots or stripes. humm
Here is a pair of leggings that I made for a friend's little boy. He is still small and of course it is summer time so I am sure he will not be wearing them for a while but I think these would be great for fall and learning to walk/crawl. Great protection for those legs while hanging out in a onesie.
I hope to make a few more pairs of these and even match them up with some onesies that I would like to make and have in stock. Wouldn't it be cute to have a set? I might have to invest in some long sleeved onesies to go with these.

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