Monday, July 26, 2010

Dots To Match A Bag

A few months back a friend of mine asked me to make her a breastfeeding cover and asked for it to match this diaper bag. She wanted something black and green and dots like the changing pad that goes with it. I hunted everywhere and could not find anything like this around. We ended up going with this fun black and white circle pattern to make the cover.
She ended up having a boy and when I was at the fabric store a month or so ago I found this black fabric with bright green dots! PERFECT! I bought enough to make her some burp cloths as a little gift to the little one and delivered them last week. I hope she was happy with them and maybe a little surprised. I know they are not a perfect match to the bag but I still think it is cute.
I know, I know the picture sucks. I was lazy and running out the door that day and did not have time to take another picture. I will try to get better.

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Stanley said...

Some better pictures for Mens Gift could also be the part of list. I hope next session will be much more interesting....!

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