Friday, July 23, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #28

This week's new find is not really a new find but more like a new addition or a new improvement. Please note the new pages that are now listed above this post. See image below for fun help pointing them out. :)

I have been wanted to have a page on my blog for a while that would allow people to place orders easily with paypal or through etsy. I am still working on it but in the meantime I did create some pages for my blog to get me closer to my goal. These pages are very basic right now but please check back for more in the coming weeks.

The pages that have been added are About Me, Contact, FAQ, and Products. Please feel free to email me or comment with some questions that you feel that I need to answer in order to make things more understandable for everyone looking at my blog and wanting to buy an item.

Happy Blogging to all of you and who else is glad that it is Friday!!!

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