Friday, October 22, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #40

I have always loved things that glow in the dark, I had those stars on my ceiling for a long time growing up. When doing the moonlight ramble for the past three years my favorite part was the tee-shirt that glows in the dark.
This year I decided that I wanted to make a shirt of my own that glows in the dark. I knew that there was some glow in the dark ink that could be used on tee-shirts and so I went and got some on sale. I hope to come up with a few designs that I can screen print on shirts. All kids love shirts that glow in the dark, and some adults do too! :)
While shopping for the glow in the dark ink I also saw this Martha Stewart glow in the dark glitter! How fun is that?! So I hope to try this glitter out on some Halloween pumpkins that I have at the house this weekend. Maybe even on some note cards would be cute. I like the way it shimmers in the daylight but then glows at night, gives depth and interest at all times of the day.

I will share what I come up with soon, any design thoughts for the glow in the dark ink? My nephew wants an army man that glows...I will have to work on that one. ;)

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