Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Belly Band

This project today might seem a bit out of the ordinary, but I wanted to post it to show that I try to fulfill your requests and make the custom item that you need. A friend of mine puts her baby in just tee shirts and diapers (as a newborn) and was needing something to keep her stomach warm to help with digestion.
That is a long story in itself--but she was thinking of some sort of item like a baby legging but for her body. So we worked together to come up with this open-ended at both ends belly band. It is made from jersey cotton and has elastic at either end. This way she can pull it up over baby's clothes and keep her warm and belly happy. I think it is working so far, but maybe she is just being nice. ;)

So there you have it, a truly custom item that was made to order. I am sure it is not something that I will be making again but that is fine because it fit the need of my client.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather, I am finally embracing fall.

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