Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Baby Item

I have a new item that I have been slow to debut mostly because I have been busy making them for friends who are having babies. We know about 20 women who are having babies and I am so excited to have so many little ones around the same age as my baby bee.

The new baby item is a personalized bib! I am still working on what type of bib is the best so you will see different ones below as I see which will work and I like the best. I have applied the baby's initial and embroidered their name over it. I just have a soft spot for personalization especially for babies.
These little boys are going to drool or eat in style with their personalized bibs. As I said I was playing with different bibs. The one on the left is just a plain cotton bib in white and the one on the right is a white cotton bib with a coordinating binding, this bib is larger.
Look I even got a picture of Bennett modeling the bib for me. It looks like he is not bothered by the bib...that is a good sign right?
Here are the female bibs that I worked up. I realized later that the all white bibs were a bit smaller than the other bibs. They fit on baby bee but he is also a tiny baby, I have a feeling that baby Stella only wore hers for a short time. The bib on the left is for a baby that is yet to be born so I hope this baby gets to use this bib a bit before she grows out of it. I like the colored binding but I feel like it limits me to the fabric that I can use as the letter and I think it stands out too much and takes away from the letter and name.

There will be more of these to I said we know about 20 babies on their way. I also am going to be adding this baby item to Etsy.

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