Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Blog?!

My husband listens to a lot of talk radio while working, sometimes sports, something Catholic radio and other times news. He was listening to KMOX a week ago or so and told me about a contest they have going on. It is the Most Valuable Blog in St. Louis contest with the prize being a $50 amazon gift card.

mvb Most Valuable Blogger Voting
I don't ever feel adequate as a blogger but I love to do it. It is a bit of release for me to put something out there on the internet, like birthing a baby a few times a week only easier. He kept telling me I should enter and I thought to myself humm can I nominate myself with out feeling stupid? If he is telling me to do it I probably should. He is not always happy I spend time late at night writing blog posts but mostly because it sometimes affects my happiness level and productivity around the house. Ahh he will get over it and he obviously knows how much it means to me if he wanted me to enter.

Whew was that word vomit or what? Anyway I nominated myself and also sent it to two people whom I thought should nominate themselves as well (just so I wouldn't feel too silly plus I thought they had a chance to win). So if you would be so kind as to go HERE and vote for me it would make me very happy.

Thank you!

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