Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boy Bibs

You saw last week that I have been working on new bibs and I am totally in love with making them. Good thing too because I know a few new babies being born soon and these just seem perfect to give to the new little ones. Great to catch the spit up and drool that comes with being a baby. Today I wanted to show you a few boy bibs that I made. They are all made the same way so I will save you from looking at two boring posts that look the same and combined them into one.
I know two people who had their babies with in a few weeks of each other and both named their baby boy Charles and call him Charlie. So these bibs are actually for two different families.
This bib is for another baby boy that was born just a few months ago. I used a different font for the large letter this time and I love the way the S looks. I can't tell you what about it I like but I just love the curves and think it mimics the embroidered S.
There will be some more bibs to come in the future and other fun baby items. I can not wait to show you what I have been working on. I am just loving combining all of the different craft tools that I have to make cute baby items. There are also some non-baby items coming up as well.

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