Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poppy On The Patootie

I love these little bloomers for baby girls. I was admiring one that a friend of mine had a few months ago and was sort of sad that I could not yet buy one for my kids (I am sure the boy would hate me one day for making him wear something like this). The next best thing to owning something is making it for someone else. You still feel all good inside when making it and knowing that someone cute is going to enjoy it.

When I got an order for a pair of these I was really excited!! I could not wait to get it finished and give it to the client hoping that they would think it is as cute as I did. I was lucky, she did! I hope that Poppy's family likes it as well. What about that name, too cute isn't it?
I know this might not look like much but I don't think it needs much more, who needs to draw attention to that part of our body- really. I am usually not a big fan of having something written on the bottoms of older kids or adults clothes but something about a little girl having something small on her bottom is okay with me. Cute to see this poking out from the bottom of a dress to covering up that generic diaper.

I am working on something equivalent for boys...not sure what that is yet, boxers? Nah that just seems silly. Maybe just something on a onesie? Humm any thoughts?


Cathy said...

Those are so stinkin' cute! Too bad my cousin just found out she's having a boy. Let me know when you figure out the boy equivalent :)

Designer Jules said...

Well a bib or a hat would be cute.

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