Friday, August 19, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #79

So do you need a traditional first anniversary present (paper) or something cool and different at your wedding reception? How about some custom poetry? I know this is not fabric or a new sewing find but I think this is a cool new phenomena happening in St. Louis right now, poetry on the go with Fresh Poetry Ink.
A designer that I work with has a blog and while reading it she mentioned that her daughter and friend were hitting the streets of St. Louis with their typewriter and rug and composing poems for passersby for a donation. A new cool twist on street musicians these cool cats are street poets. You give the title and they do the rest in ten minutes.
I have a friend who LOVE poetry and old typewriters and thought that she would get a kick out of this. I even thought it would be a great going away present for her to have a poem written. I really wished that I could have gone around town to find them and ask them in person for a poem but having a baby makes it hard to drive around at night - unless you are trying to get baby to sleep. Alas I had to email them and ask them to write a poem for my friend. They did and I did pay them, and my friend LOVED them. I mean she told me several times about how cool they were...success!

I think this would be a great 1st year anniversary present for that special someone in your life. You name the topic and they write the poem for you. They have even done weddings, how unique would that be to have someone at your wedding writing poems for your guests.

GO visit them and maybe even like them on Facebook!

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Jen said...

That is really neat!

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