Monday, August 15, 2011

A Bib for Vianney

I was busy over the weekend cutting into yards and yards of fabric. Once I get a bunch of things cut I hope to spend the next few weeks sewing, sewing, sewing. It is so helpful when I can just sit down and cut for hours and then sit down and sew for hours. When I go from cutting to sewing I often times find myself getting distracted and end up leaving the room for ice cream or something else silly and then an hour later realized I was just wasting time! ARG

Speaking of getting distracted....sorry. :) So here is one of the few girl bibs that I have made, you saw the others here. There were a lot more boys born recently than girls and I was so glad to pick out some girly fabric again rather than just work with the boys.
This baby's parents are friends who live out of town and we have yet to meet their first girl, and now they have had number two! The baby girl's name is after St. John Vianney and I think it is such a sweet and unusual name.

I hope that this little girl enjoys her bib and I can not wait to hear more about her as she grows.

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