Friday, December 2, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #94

It is time for some pink girly fabric!  I feel sometimes like I am surrounded by boys and boy things and every once in a while I like to just go all crazy with the pink. I never was really a pink girl, I have always liked blue or green best but over the past five years or so I have developed a love for pink.
I got these fabrics when the Ben Franklin by my house was closing and I was so surprised to find pretty fabrics like this there that I snatched them up. I have always looked but never really liked anything that they had but this time they had some great modern patterns like these.
I think that I like the brown one on the top the best, the brown with a little bit of pink and yellow really pop. The other three go so well together that they would be great to cut into squares for a quilt or even for an apron or something. I would probably use the cream floral with the small amounts of pink with the small printed pink for an apron and then the large pink and creme floral for a breastfeeding cover. I think the brown floral would be great as part of an apron as well or maybe even some napkins. The dark color will help hide the stains. 

I hope you have a great weekend, it sounds like it is going to be nice and warm here (in the 60's). I guess these fabrics will fit well with the feel of the weather. 

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