Friday, December 30, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #98

Cleaning house around here on the blog and I found more fabric that I have not shown you that is now out of season. So back to Halloween... two of these fabrics I picked up back around Halloween or probably right after on sale. I liked the little webs with spiders on them, simple patterns, no witches. Sometimes I just am not a bit fan of purple witch heads on my fabric. I wouldn't have minded some pumpkins but I liked these two fabrics the best.
The orange fabric with the black spiders is so much fun and you saw how it looked in a pumpkin shape here Wednesday on the hand towel. The black spider webs have orange eyes in between that make it look like the spider is black and hiding under the web looking at you with orange eyes. The third fabric is a really soft tiger print fabric that when I saw I had to pick up. I think the black background Mizzou fabric here would look great with this fabric as a blanket! Great for little Mizzou fans to cuddle up with while they are watching a game on tv. Could be good to make some mini tiger tails too. ;)
Doesn't that fabric at the bottom look like a tail already?

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season! I am so excited to have another set of days off from work to get things done around the house.

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