Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Resolutions for the New Year 2012!

How is it already the end of the year? It seems like it went by so fast, maybe having a baby had something to do with it. Every year I like to go over the resolutions from the year before and see how I did and then make some new ones. I like to look at them as not only resolutions but almost like a mini business and life plan. I will not beat myself up over it if I don't do them but it is exciting when I find that I was realistic with what I could do and actually did most of them. 

To look back here are my past lists:
List from 2010
List from 2011

List from 2011:
Non-blog centered:
  • Get used to having a baby around the house--will that ever happen? (Still an adjustment-but a good one)
  • Work on cleaning and cooking regularly- setting up a meal plan. (I have been cooking more often mostly because I am making baby bee's food too. I have not set up a meal plan yet. The cleaning didn't happen while we were in basement construction.)
  • Getting our budget set now that there are more of us in the house. (oopps probably spent more than I should. ;))
  • As always make family a first priority, make time for my husband. (I feel like I did a good job with this but I bet if you ask my husband he will feel differently.)
Blog/business centered:
  • Actually post items on my Etsy site. DONE
  • Put items on the products page on blog with updated pricing. DONE
  • Possibly attach a paypal checkout on blog. - I think it is easier to just route people to Etsy or mail a check
  • Continue to post three times a week (which might be hard with a child). DONE
  • Add a give-away at some point this year-quarterly? Not sure how often. DONE
Well I didn't do too badly with the business goals but the personal goals I did a horrible job with! ICK

So here is to a new year and new goals!

Non-blog centered:   Most of them are going to stay.
  • Baby-proof the house now that mr. bee is starting to cruse around the house.
  • Work on cleaning and cooking regularly- setting up a meal plan and cleaning schedule. Also clean out stuff we do not need! Simplify!
  • Getting our budget set and look into CSA's for produce.
  • As always make family a first priority, spend more time with my husband and do things for him without asking and to take care of my son without feeling like anyone owes me.
  • Try to go to the gym at least once a week if not more.
Blog/business centered:
  • Continue to post new items on Etsy
  • Sign up to do more craft shows and have my items in more local boutiques.
  • Be better about time management when I get time to work at night.
  • Work hard to have more back stock items. 
  • Continue to post three times a week and maybe try to add a post that is more personal or links up to other blogs. 
  • Look into other blogs/shops to do giveaways with, either giving away my item or asking to giveaway theirs.
  • Promote my blog and maybe start linking up with other blogs to promote my business.
  • Look into adds on my page to bring in a bit of income.
I had a good run of people commenting on my blog for a while when I had time to comment more on theirs. So maybe I need to reach out more to others and then they will do the same for me. :) I know a lot of you just read the blog from Facebook and that is great! I am so glad it is easy for you to check it out that way. I am not as concerned about comments as I used to be but I would love to hear what you guys like and how I can improve what I make, so chime in if you feel like it.

Much love and prosperity to all of you and I hope to see more of you in 2012.

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