Monday, January 9, 2012

Tie Key Chain

While making some vintage tie onesies I was left with a few scrap pieces of the ties. I was not sure what to do with them but I knew that they needed to be used. I was thinking of purses, skirts, and pillows made from the ties, but I didn't like those ideas mostly because if I wouldn't wear it or use it I don't want to make it.
I have seen key chains or key fobs like these around and thought this might be the perfect solution for these vintage tie parts. The detail at the end of the tie on the small end of the tie was perfect for a little detail on the front of the key chain and where the circle is sewn together. I love the little diamond detail that the point and the sewing creates.
Here is a different perspective of the key chain. You can easily slip it over your fingers and maybe your wrist depending on your wrist size. Easy to carry your keys or to find them in your purse. I know these might not be the most exciting item that I have but they are practical and would be great for a new graduate or someone with their first house or car to give them to put their new keys on.

They are listed on Etsy and note that you can choose the vintage tie that you would like your key chain to be made from.

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jmlo said...

This is awesome!!!!

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