Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Violette or Violet?

Everyday I learn more about how to be a better business woman and that taking time and asking a million questions is always better than just guessing. I had this order for a friend who wanted to give as a gift a blankie and bib to a friend who just had a baby girl named Violet. She wanted something purple and cute and we found just the right things for her. The only thing I forgot to ask was how were they spelling the baby's name. I for some reason thought it would be cute and french and have more letters in it and be Violette not the normal Violet.
So off I went to make the blankie and bib and they looked pretty good. When I got a text saying that she got them but that the name was wrong my heart sank! GRR What was I thinking?! Of course it was spelled Violet!!! Only I would spell it another way and then use google to make sure that that way of spelling it was used somewhere (and it was). Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is true. So I learned my lesson and made another set.
Here is a closer shot of the other bib and blanket. You can not see it well in this picture but the blanket has small purple flowers on the flannel side. They are so cute and sweet. I even went to a boutique sale and no one mentioned that I had the name spelled wrong on the bib. I am sure they all figured that that was the way it was spelled.
Here is the correct set with the correct name, taken with my cell phone camera in the new fluorescent basement lighting. Not the best color rendition but you can now see those cute purple flowers. This time I used white around the V instead of the purple to let the name pop out a bit more.

I also did not realize that she wanted a V on the blanket so I added that to the blanket as well. All is well that ends well but I feel so badly that they had to wait for me to make my corrections when I should have done it correctly in the first place. You know sometimes we all make mistakes and I wanted to show you my mistakes. I hope to make not as many of these in the future. UGH :)

Now if anyone knows a Violette I have a cute bib for them! :) I also have one of these blankies (with no initial) for sale on Etsy if you would like one of these for your little cutie.

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