Friday, January 27, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #102

These fabrics were purchased for a special project. I was working with a friend. She wanted me to make her a travel case with some specifics in mind and I gave her a few fabric options and this is what she choose. I have been wanting to use laminated cotton for a while and when this opportunity hit I went for it.
The fabric in the middle is the laminated cotton and this is the pattern of her choice. The fabric on the right is the coordinating cotton that was used for part of the case. Orange is a big color now and I think the contrast with the light blue is fun and different.The fabric on the left is from the same designer but I just bought it because I liked it, I did not use it for this project. It again has light blue, teal, and a hint of tangerine or light orange in it. The different colors almost look like shading on the fabric.
Here is the close up view of these fabrics, do you see the sheen on the bottom fabric? That is the laminated cotton and the regular cotton is right above. The great thing about the laminated cotton is that you can wipe it off if it gets dirty and it should help the fabric be waterproof. This way if you set it down on a wet counter top you will not have the water soak into the fabric.

I hope to show you this project next week.

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