Monday, January 23, 2012

New Onesies with Leggings

I participated in a small craft fair and am consigning a few of my items with a local boutique so I thought that it was best to make few onesie and legging sets that were not personalized. This way someone could buy them as a set right away and give them as a gift. I have some that are more masculine and a few that are feminine. I have been working on these for a few months but I wanted to put them all in one post for you instead of stretching them out over a few posts.
First off we have these two for little boys! A cute blue and green houndstooth bow tie to go with the matching stripped leggings.
Loving this polka-dot tie to go with the argyle leggings. Reminds me of  real business man. :)
I really like the purple fabric that I used for this star onesie, perfect to match with the purple on blue star leggings.
While we are speaking of stars, I like how that one little star-flower on the fabric ended up almost in the middle of the star. Perfect! These pink and orange leggings are in style now that the new color of the year is Tangerine Tango.
Now we have some sweet-hearts. This set of leggings was hard to find a fabric for since these purples are almost pink, but I love the fabric that I finally found to go with it.
Who wouldn't love these pink and white stripped leggings and the pink polka-dot fabric to match. This pink heart just pops off of the white onesie.
For those of you that need a neutral set and have no idea what the baby is but want to get something early I have this "Welcome Set". The onesie has a pineapple made from neutral and white polka-dot fabric. Pineapples mean welcome so how perfect for a new baby. The leggings are neutral as well and would go with anything, hey you could even layer them under or over another set of leggings--80's style.
You have already seen these back during Christmas but here they are again. I think this set is just perfect for a new little snowbird.

I would be happy to make any of my custom onesie and legging sets on Etsy with these shapes instead of an initial if you would prefer. These are also for sale on Etsy if you are wanting any of these. They make me so happy I might have to make a few more. Which do you like best?

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