Monday, January 30, 2012

Coordinating Shirts

About a year ago I did a set of "E" shirts for two sisters who share a letter. You might remember them but if not here they are. Those shirts were a Christmas present last year and this year Mom wanted to do the same thing for them. She was having a hard time finding the same color shirt in both sizes since the girls are a few years apart and ended up going with two different colored shirts.
That was not a problem at all for me because I have so many fabrics with multiple colors in them I figured that I would just find one that included both colors and go with that. I found this floral with pinks and aquas in it and thought it was perfect. I double checked the fabric with Mom and got the go ahead to start the shirts. I like the way they turned out. I did the E on the aqua shirt a bit larger than the other shirt since that girl is a bit older and the shirt is bigger. I zig-zaged around the initial to secure it to the shirt and did that in pink. I was afraid if I used the aqua thread it would stand out too much, in a bad way.
Mom is happy with the shirts and I actually really like the way they ended up. I love matching but I think this is a perfect way to match with out being over the top. I hope one day to have kiddos that I can coordinate outfits with. Will I be too busy then to worry about matching and coordinating? Probably. :)

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