Monday, December 13, 2010

Purple People Eater one is eating people, these purple shirts just reminded me of the song. These two shirts were requested for Christmas presents for two little girls who's names both start with E. Mom bought these two purple shirts in her girls sizes and I picked out this cute purple fabric from my stash to go with it. I love this purple fabric and I think of all of the purple fabric I have seen lately it is one of my favorites.
Here is a close up of the larger shirt with the larger E. I decided to make the E's two different sizes so that they were more proportional to the shirts.
Here is a close up of the smaller shirt with the smaller E. I like that these are both from the same fabric but because of where I cut the letter you get to see different parts of the pattern and different colors show up more in one than the other. I think that it gives them a bit of individual personality.
I am not sure if she will do this but I love the fact that no only will they have matching shirts this year (I love matching outfits and shirts) but that the younger E can wear the older sister's E shirt when she gets bigger. I guess we will see if the younger one thinks this is cool in a few years.

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