Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I had to just pop in to say Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope that you have a blessed Christmas and are able to spend at least part of the day with someone special in your life. I always feel so badly for those who live far away from family or are over seas for the holiday season. We are so blessed to have family on both sides here in town and get to see a lot of them on Christmas or over the Christmas season.

I also hope everyone stays well, it sounds like there is a lot of sickness going around and I know I always catch something over the holidays, just when I finally get a break from work.

Last year I spent a lot of time making these great Christmas cards which I posted about here. I loved making them and hope that everyone enjoyed them. This year with the baby coming anytime now I decided I had to make our cards easy and simple. I used one of our maternity session pictures, you can see more of them here, and made a Christmas picture card. The photographers, who I just love, asked if they could post my card on their blog, check out the post here. It was also so nice of them to mention my blog on there as well. I hope you will pop by and see what they do to thank them for talking about me on their blog.

Well without further is our Christmas Card this year. I hope that they have made their way into your home already, if not they should arrive soon. For all of my blog stalkers out there, here is your Christmas Card! Enjoy.

Merry Christmas!


V said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. Only a little time left and you will be a new mama! Take care my friend.

Marie said...

Such beautiful photos, Julie! Thank you for sharing them (and your beautiful Christmas card). Love and prayers!

The Happy Mother said...

I AM an admitted blog stalker! I love the card- what a wonderful idea! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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