Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pacifier Clips

In preparation for our little one to arrive I have been doing a bunch of things around the house and buying a bunch of stuff to be sure we are ready when they want to come. I am not sure if we will give our baby a pacifier or if they will want to take it but I wanted to be sure to be ready if they do. I decided to make some pacifier clips for baby Bee that are universal to use with all pacifiers if we use them.
I went out to find some ribbon that I liked and there were not a lot of gender neutral. I did end up finding two that I really liked. The first one is the Bee ribbon that I think is so fitting for our baby since we call them "baby bee". I know that this ribbon looks a bit more feminine but I still love how cute the ribbon is so I had to use it. The red, white, and blue ribbon is the safe set, I think that it can go boy or girl but I think it does look a bit more masculine.
We will see what we end up having, but no matter what I am sure we will use one or two of these. I might end up selling the extras that we do not use once I get the etsy site set up. I am getting closer every day.

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