Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Hand Towels

My mother-in-law loves fabric as much as I do and has about 30 Rubbermaid binds FULL of fabrics. There is stuff in there from the 70's up to present time and it is always fun to see what I can find in there. I looked through a few years ago and took a bunch of her stuff while she was cleaning house and have yet to use them but know they will come in handy with a baby.

She also has a few unfinished projects and these were a few of the ones she had. I told her that I would take them and finish them for her. That was about two years ago and I am finally getting around to it. So thank goodness she does not get on the internet because these are part of her Christmas present.
She had the towels already and the two pieces of fabric that she wanted to sew on them. The fabric that went with the blue towel had rows and rows of different Christmas scenes and I choose this Santa and sleigh to go with the blue towel because it had more colors that would coordinate with the blue.
The fabric she had for the green towels she had already cut out into small strips so I just washed them and sewed them to the towels. Pretty easy and they really do look cute. I am not sure if this is something that she will put in her kitchen or bathroom, we will see what she does after I give them to her.
I have a few more towels that I bought a few years ago that I would love to do some applique or embroidery on for our house and some gifts. I just need to find the right fabric to go with the towels I have and then I will be set.

I still have a lot of Christmas presents to get/make but at least this one is finished!

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