Friday, December 10, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #47

I went to a local  fabric store a few weeks ago and picked up a lot of great things on sale. This is only one of a few posts about what I found. These are the fabrics that are not as bold and colorful as the other ones so I wanted to keep them in their own post.
They are both Amy Butler fabrics and I love the pattern on the left that almost looks like a paisley but it is more of a flowery tree pattern. It is subtle but at the same time is a big bold pattern. The stripe on the right is a bit more subdued in color and pattern. I could see this being made into a napkin or a neutral baby item or even part of a quilt. I love the bit of yellow/green that is mixed in with grey and blue.
I always have a hard time cutting into new and beautiful fabrics, so someone is going to have to force me! I can not have all of this fabric just sitting around, who needs something made? :)

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V said...

oooh! i like the 'paisley'... it's kind of retro-cool looking. :)

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