Monday, December 6, 2010

Cute Clouds On a Rainy Day

The same friend that I made the scarf for also requested a bulletin board for her office area and wanted me to make it. The fabric that she loved was being discontinued and they only had a fat quarter left so she bought it. We found a matching Kona Cotton solid to go with it and I love the way it frames in the fabric. She wanted the ribbon to be blue which is great because it just blends in with the background color and leaves you looking at those cute rain clouds.
I found the upholstery tacks in white and love the little pop they give against the fabric. I was thinking of doing fabric covered buttons instead of tacks but that would have been harder to attach to the board, maybe next time.
Here is a closer view of the board, she wanted some batting behind the fabric and I think it gives the board some depth and I love the way it almost looks quilted.
I love the way it turned out and it makes me want to make one for myself when we get the basement office/sewing area under control. I really wanted to keep it for myself but knew she was excited to have it back. She loves it too and I hope she enjoys putting inspirational item on the board for future reference.

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V said...

It looks great!! Jules, great job. :) The rainy clouds are adorable.

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