Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thank You Gifts

I had a few showers this fall and wanted to give the hostesses something for throwing me a shower. I wanted it to be something small, useful, and that I could add a personal touch. After thinking about this for a very long time I decided on a serving plate with vinyl letters. I thought this would be something that they would all like.
The plate is just plain white and has a slight lip on the edge. I used two different colors of vinyl, light brown for the flowers and then a chocolate brown for Bon Appetit. I think this would be great for hanging on the wall, displaying in a kitchen on a stand, or even using as a serving piece. This vinyl  is not permanent like I would have hoped so I did suggest to them that they need to wipe very carefully with water if they use it or just take the vinyl off the plate and use it with out the letters. I was thinking it would be permanent but after cutting it out realized it was not, bummer. Oh well you live and learn.

Thank you to all of those that have been there supporting us we are so thankful for the many people that have done so much for us already and we have yet to have the baby!


V said...

So are you able to do permanent vinyl? I like the idea of designing your own serving pieces!

Designer Jules said...

I JUST got permanent vinyl and have yet to try it out but I hope that it works on serving pieces. It would probably still be hand washable only. If the pieces are glass I can do etching. I love etched pieces.

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