Monday, December 27, 2010

Pretty P's Leggings and Onesie

The friend who ordered the set of "A" onesie and leggings also ordered a set of "P" onesie and leggings for herself. Her second baby was born the week before Christmas and they were able to be home as a family for Christmas, how great is that! Anyway she liked this fabric and legging set that I showed her as an option for the "A" set and wanted this for her little one.
I love this set, mostly because of the pops of orange, I am totally obsessed with orange these days. I love the orange mixed with pinks and reds for a girl, gives the pink a funky twist. I like the funky flowers in the fabric on the onesie and the way the colors are combined with the blue background.
I am so excited for this mama and her two little girls. I hope that baby "P" gets to wear these for a long time to come. 

This makes me really want to work on some leggings for my little one, they will be great to wear during winter under those gowns. 

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