Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Medicine Case

If you can remember back to last Friday's post where I talked about the laminated cotton fabric, here what I made out of two of the three fabrics. A friend needed a medicine/makeup travel case and wanted me to make her one for her holiday travels. I was excited and nervous because this is something that I have yet to do, but I was willing to try. I gave her some fabric options and she choose the pattern you saw Friday (and below). We talked about what she would need, how big it should be and how it should function. Here is an image (silly camera turned it sideways) of the finished case from the outside front. Notice the sheen on the fabric, that is the laminated cotton. It closes with a Velcro strip across the front and I made sure to match the pattern of the fabric so it looks good when closed.
Here is the open case with the two pockets. One side has a white mesh pocket for her syringe and medicine vials that she will have to show to the TSA people at the airport. She wanted them visible so she did not have to take everything out. Looking back I could have used a clear plastic instead of the mesh, you live and learn. The other side is a pocket for her alcohol pads and anything else she might need or want to have that is not something that anyone will need to see. I again tried to match the pattern that is on the front with the pattern inside. This was one of my first time doing zippers in something like this and I was so proud of myself when I figured out and made it work the first time! And the pattern matches! Whew!
Here is a side view of the case, I put a little bit of padding in the case so that the glass items would have some cushion while traveling. It was a lot of fun to figure out and I think it works well for what she needs. I am not sure that this is something I want to make over and over but I now know I can do it.
I was going to make a set of something like these for a friend when she was getting married but I was so afraid of making so many (like 10) and screwing them up before her big day that I told her it would be best to buy them. After making this I know they would have been too expensive to make, but that I could have done it and I didn't need to be so scared. Lesson learned.

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