Friday, February 24, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #105

Whew is it Friday again?! It has been busy around the Designer Jules house. We are preparing for baby number two which makes all things harder for mama. The first trimester sickness makes me go to bed at 9:30 every night which makes for less time on the blog and in front of the sewing machine. It really just makes days fly by faster than I would like.
I wanted to get this Friday post out today so that I don't feel like a total slacker.
These two fabrics are just ones I picked up while I was out a while back. I love the pattern and colors of the fabric on the left. I was never really one to like these darker fall colors but the orange on the brown with the green is to die for. The fabric on the right is another example of purple that I don't mind. When it is mixed with blues and greens. I thought at first that this could be used for a boy but now I am thinking it is a bit more girly with that purple in there. A sweet little print that could be great in a quilt.
Here you can get a better idea of the colors on the fabric. I hope that in a few weeks my energy will be back and I will be back to the three blog posts a week, until then please bear with me.

Have a great weekend!


jmlo said...

i love, LOVE that one on the left. maybe those can be the inspiration for our nursery.

Designer Jules said...

oohh That would make a great fabric for a nursery. Accents of green, teal, and orange.

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